Wren Security (wren:sec)

Community-driven, open-source software for user authentication, user identity management, and single-sign-on.

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About Us

Wren Security is a CDDL-licensed, community fork of the following ForgeRock products:

Though our project originated with code that ForgeRock previously released, we are not affiliated with ForgeRock in any way.

Our projects are based on the very latest code from ForgeRock that was available under a CDDL license (OpenAM 13.5+, OpenDJ 3.0+, OpenIDM 4.5+, and OpenIG 4.0+).

ForgeRock no longer releases any of the most recent versions of their software under an open-source license. ForgeRock’s “Community Edition” versions are much older (OpenAM 11.0, OpenDJ 2.6, OpenIDM 2.1, and OpenIG 2.1). Join our community for the latest and greatest.

Join the Community

We have an active international community of security developers and consultants.

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