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The Wren Security Suite

Community-driven, open-source software for user authentication, user identity management, and single-sign-on.

Wren Security is an open-source community security suite. With roots in Sun Microsystems’ products, it adopted community projects formerly maintained by ForgeRock™.

In the beginning, there was a time for a fork initiative. We did not know if a functioning community would emerge. It did. Join us on Gitter.

Wren Security is a CDDL-licensed, community fork of the following ForgeRock products:


Access management, entitlements and federation server platform. Provides centralized authentication and authorization for multiple realms with delegated administration.


Directory server implementing wide range of protocols from LDAPv3 to SCIM and advanced features like multi-master replication.


Identity management system with flexible data model, multiple extension points and scripting support (Groovy and JavaScript). Can connect to and manage a wide range of systems through integrated Identity Connector Framework.


Identity connector framework as well as a set of production-ready connectors – LDAP, Office 365, SPML, SSH, SQL, PowerShell, REST and many more.

Though our project originated with code that ForgeRock™ had previously released, we are not affiliated with ForgeRock™ in any way. Our projects are based on the very latest code from what was available under a CDDL license (OpenAM 13.5+, OpenDJ 3.0+, OpenIDM 4.5+, and OpenIG 4.0+). ForgeRock™ no longer releases any of the most recent versions of their software under an open-source license. ForgeRock™’s “Community Edition” are ancient versions of the projects. Join our community for the latest and greatest.

Become a contributor

Every person gives us more momentum. Here are some of the roles we could use your help for:

Community Coordinator

Someone to help us get the word out about all the great technical work that’s being done behind the scenes on the Wren fork. The ideal person to help us is someone who’s great at communicating, understands technical issues (without necessarily having to be a developer), and can spend about 10-15 hours a week helping us with content, posts, and discussions in the issue queue.

DevOps Admin

Someone to help us ensure that our buildable projects stay buildable, as we continue to accept PRs and enhancements. Experience with automated container creation and with integrating code style (e.g. FindBugs, CheckStyle, etc.) automatically in GitHub PRs is a plus. We expect that there will be more time needed up-front for this role than on-going; likely it will take the next few weeks to get us completely tuned up for this.

Penetration Testers / Security Analysts

A lot of our current work involves fixing existing and/or known issues in projects like Wren:AM 13.5 and Wren:IDM 5.x. If you are someone who can help us find and plug the holes in our current releases, please reach out. We’d love to tap your skill to make our platform even more secure.

Project Leads

We’re currently looking for leads for Wren:AM and Wren:DS to enhance our technical team. Leads would help coordinate PRs and enforce project process. Likely 15 to 20 hours per week; more if the leads want to have a more hands-on role in PRs.

Just visit our gitter channel and start chatting.

What Wren:IDM users say…

I like what I see as far as thoroughness with the project. I noticed a few other fork attempts, but Wren is the only trustworthy one to me. It might be slow-going, but you guys are responsive and straightforward.

We’d also considered other products, but they are too difficult to learn, too tailored to a common corporate infrastructure, or have only high-level documentation. In particular, while other products only suggest possibilities, with Wren:IDM, I have the tools and the info I need to get it done.

— Guy Elsmore-Paddock, solution architect at a leading vendor of enterprise software for the US grocery industry


If you think you have found a security vulnerability, please email us.