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Wren:IDM 6.0.0 Released

October 8, 2021

We are excited to announce the release of Wren:IDM 6.0.0. Wren Security release compatible with JDK 11 and zero dependencies on legacy infrastructure (everything you need to build the project is hosted in JFrog Artifactory).


List of significant changes:

  • Change Maven parent to wrensec-parent (new Maven plugin versions, dedicated JFrog repository)
  • Upgrade core dependencies (Apache Felix, Activiti, RhinoJS, ...)
  • Support Java 11 as the default build and runtime environment
  • Add Dockerfile and publish official image to Docker Hub
  • Add GitHub Actions pipeline (switch from Semaphore CI)
  • Replace OrientDB with H2 as the default playground database

How to get

You can build your own binary as described by README.

Alternatively you can use the official Docker image from Docker Hub:

docker run --rm --name wrenidm-test -p 8080:8080 wrensecurity/wrenidm:6.0.0