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Wren:IDM Cookbook Created

June 9, 2022

We have prepared recipes (samples) demonstrating key Wren:IDM features. From now it is possible to try Wren:IDM easily.

We have prepared following samples:

  • sync ⚙️ – synchronize data between Wren:IDM and source / target systems
  • workflow 📝 – create workflow with approval in Wren:IDM
  • roles 🔐 – manage roles and assignment values
  • endpoint 🗳️ – create custom REST API endpoint to execute custom business logic
  • scheduler ⏱️ – schedule synchronization or script to be automatically triggered
  • email 📧 – send email notification

Environment for each sample is defined through Docker Compose file. You need just one command to start relevant Docker containers, zero configuration needed.

Samples are hosted in wrenidm-cookbook GitHub repository.