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Wren:IDM 6.1.0 Released

December 30, 2022

Brand new release Wren:IDM 6.1.0 has been published. This release is fully compatible with JDK 17 and Maven groupId of all modules was switched to our package org.wrensecurity.wrenidm.


List of significant changes:

  • Add Java 17 support and drop Java 8 support
  • Change Maven groupId to org.wrensecurity.wrenidm

Other changes:

  • Change Maven packaging from bundle to jar (#112)
  • Support for custom operation-specific options in provisioner (#124)
  • Workaround Rhino JS file encoding issue (#130)
  • Improve docker build (multistage with buildkit cache)
  • Upgrade wrensec-parent to the latest release (4.0.0)
  • Upgrade wrensec-commons to 22.4.0
  • Upgrade wrensec-ui to 22.1.1
  • Upgrade wrenicf-java-framework to
  • Upgrade Rhino JS to 1.7.14

How to get

You can build your own binary as described by README.

Alternatively you can use the official Docker image from Docker Hub:

docker run --rm --name wrenidm-test -p 8080:8080 wrensecurity/wrenidm:6.1.0