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Happy 2023!

January 6, 2023

With 2022 gone, we feel it’s time for a brief recap. And we have some exciting news about the future as well, so buckle up!

Some 6 years ago, when ForgeRock abandoned their community edition, our journey to save the future of open-source IAM platform began. Since then, we’ve spent countless hours crafting an independent fork. Just over the course of 2022, we’ve put a lot of effort into modernization of the stack and introduced full Java 17 support, Docker images as official artifacts and many other fixes and improvements. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 283 commits;
  • 52 000+ insertions and 28 000+ deletions in 3100+ files;
  • 92 merged pull requests;
  • 29 closed issues;
  • 19 new releases and 26 tags.

On top of that, we fully migrated from Semaphore CI to GitHub CI for automated builds, and we drafted system tests for Wren:IDM, Wren:AM and Wren:DS that verify project’s release stability.

In addition to the purely technical advances, we’ve significantly improved the documentation infrastructure to start rebuilding what we had lost during the fork process, namely:

You might have noticed that our focus was shaped mainly by our passion for Identity Management. This led us to the point where Wren:IDM became a reliable foundation for IDM implementations of any scale. But the Wren Security Suite wouldn't be complete without its Access Management essentials, and we’re very aware that it has not received the care it deserves. That's why we are thrilled to announce that we will kickstart 2023 with a completely upgraded Wren:DS (former OpenDJ), shortly followed by Wren:AM, the successor of OpenAM.

Upgraded technological stack, carefully curated changes, Docker images and seamless migration will provide a reliable replacement for those who still run their aging OpenAM and OpenDS installations.

Follow us on Gitter, star our GitHub and stay tuned.

Happy New Year!