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Wren:DS 5.0.0 Released

May 16, 2023

We are excited to announce that the brand new release of Wren:DS 5.0.0 is finally out! This is the first release of Wren:DS that is fully independent of the legacy infrastructure. Its technological stack has been updated to be compatible with JDK 17, and all changes have been carefully curated to provide a high level of security while still offering a reliable migration path from legacy OpenDJ installations.

If you are already running Wren:DS or an unsupported version of OpenDJ, we strongly recommend that you upgrade, as only the new versions will receive the support they deserve.

What's next? Wren:AM. Stay tuned!


List of significant changes:

  • Add Java 17 support and drop Java 8 support
  • Change Maven groupId to org.wrensecurity.wrends
  • Upgrade to the newest wrensec-parent and wrensec-commons
  • Upgrade Berkley DB JE dependency and remove PDB backend
  • Update visible project title and logo to Wren:DS
  • Switch to GitHub Actions for CI, create new project for system testing
  • Add docker build with amd64 and aarch64 support and Docker Hub publishing pipeline
  • Remove or replace files with non-CDDL license

How to get

Refer to the Getting Started page to learn how to get and run Wren:DS.

Alternatively you can run the official Docker image from Docker Hub:

docker run --rm --name wrends-test -p 1389:1389 -p 1636:1636 wrensecurity/wrends:5.0.0